“Odeur de moisi, moisissure…

“Ohdoor day mwassee, mwasseeshoor…” means “smell of mustiness, mould”. We took a flight from Manchester to Nantes (Nongt) last Thursday, hired a C Class Merc and drove to a cottage near Saint-Mathurin (Song-Matooran) in the Vendee (Vongday). We were looking forward to an idyllic week in the French countryside (French countryside). By the Six Lines ofContinue reading ““Odeur de moisi, moisissure…”

Drum Tuning Turntable

My company recently put out a reminder to us all about “social media”. Basically, not too heavy handed; we can mention the name of the company – I think it’s best not too, though – but should be circumspect about what we say. I suppose that means no controversial comments. Dang. Also, we’re supposed toContinue reading “Drum Tuning Turntable”