Where’s Britain?

…was the question I asked the waitress in Les Loups des Mers (Sea Bass), a very nice little cafe on the Avenue de la Plage in Bourgenay. Strange question? Look at this… See what I mean? Brittany’s missed off too. The owner explained that when they were redecorating, they wanted an old looking world mapContinue reading “Where’s Britain?”

“Odeur de moisi, moisissure…

“Ohdoor day mwassee, mwasseeshoor…” means “smell of mustiness, mould”. We took a flight from Manchester to Nantes (Nongt) last Thursday, hired a C Class Merc and drove to a cottage near Saint-Mathurin (Song-Matooran) in the Vendee (Vongday). We were looking forward to an idyllic week in the French countryside (French countryside). By the Six Lines ofContinue reading ““Odeur de moisi, moisissure…”