Sloppy painting

Like a gold ring in the snout of a pig Is a beautiful woman who rejects good sense

There is a metal plate which goes on the front of The Base…
The red paint of the “Myford” is a bit sloppily done and has some discolouration. I toyed with the idea of removing it and trying to repaint it, but the fact that it is a bit sloppy means, to me, that someone did this by hand. 65 years ago. It was their job. Perhaps they were learning? An apprentice, perhaps. Maybe they’re still alive? So no, I left it. I’m pretty sure it’s not the done thing to obliterate someone’s work. It’s different with the paint of the Oil Tray. That’s obviously been done after market, and there were pragmatic reasons for removing it.

Here’s a couple of close ups of the grids…
These are for cutting screw threads. They refer to the different gear wheels combinations to get the required rotation and translation. Or something.

I cleaned up the lettering and boxing with some fine wet and dry. Next I refitted the old on/off switch, which is not getting reconnected; it’s just for show. This is it, fitted to the back of the plate, with it’s wires tidied…

When I first got this lathe, there was a plastic “cup” dangling loose on those wires. It’s seems to be a protective cover for this switch. It doesn’t quite fit over the widest extremity of the switch body, but fits good enough. It is secured by spring arms which swing round to clip over the switch body…


In the picture above, you can see the switch body is just too wide. Should I make it fit? No, seems tight enough. At this point I found I’d lost the little grub screw which secures the knob at the front. Annoying because I’m usually very careful with such things. Ah well, there’s bound to one left over at the end!

I fitted the Front Plate to The Base with new 3mm bolts, grip washers and nuts…

So that’s The Base completely done, for now…

Yes some parts look a bit tatty, but it’s robust, safe and utilitarian. Now…onwards and upwards!