Dispatch from Brussels…

…some people are right idiots. Only 50% understand percentages. The other 63% don’t get it at all… I’m showing off now. I’m sitting in the Brussels Airlines crew room at Brussels Airport, between flights. Operating the Bristol flight at 1520. Why Brussels Airlines? We do a contract for them. Fantastic crew complex. Crucially, really fast,Continue reading “Dispatch from Brussels…”

It’s the wrong grommet, trousers!

…I spent hours arguing with a 90 degree angle. In the end, I had to admit he was right… Peter’s comment on fitting grommets is well made. I couldn’t find any on tinternet – actually I couldn’t be bothered spending hours on it – so I came up with a cheap alternative… …pipe couplers, toContinue reading “It’s the wrong grommet, trousers!”