You’ve made your bed, now lie…

For xmas, my family got me vouchers for ten sessions with a psychiatrist. I was quite annoyed. I’d asked for an axe.

After dismantling, what now?

Looking at the bed, it was caked in gunge in all its nooks and crannies. Some of it was obviously wood dust mixed with oil and some was brass chippings.

There is a liquid called “Gunk” which one can get from Halfords and it’s a degreaser and cleaner. It works great on tools and such like. Quite messy though.

You work it into all the corners with a brush. Then wash it off with water. Dry it immediately to prevent flash rust on the exposed metal slidy bits. I think they’re actually called slidy bits. They are now.

After that, I cleaned off and sanded down all the flaky paint. I also sanded the slidy bits with fine wet and dry. Oiled the slidy bits.

Here’s what the bed looks like now:


This is a picture of the saddle – which slides on the slidy bits – showing some wood dust in a slot:


This saddle fits over the slidy bits, which run bottom left to top right, and the wheel engages a rack to move it along. Needs cleaning.