Next, a first picture…

Before I dismantled the lathe, I should’ve taken a picture of it. But I didn’t. I didn’t know I was going to do a blog, did I? These things don’t always happen in the right order.

So now it’s in bits in the workshop. A pile of bits makes for a bad picture, so I thought I would get a picture from the operators manual…


This is the basic version. Mine has a leadscrew gearbox mounted just to the right of item number 4 – encompassing the left end of the leadscrew – and a leadscrew adjust wheel mounted on the leadscrew at the right hand end. This is to turn the leadscrew by hand. But, it doesn’t have the “1466 Countershaft Clutch” – the lever that the “1” seems to point at.

Apart from that, it’s the same. Mine even has the stand to put it on.

Actually, as I was dismantling it, I did take some crude pictures with my iPhone as I went along. These were of the positions of various parts, screws, bolts, etc so that I can remember where they came from.

Every part was removed, so that I’m left with the basic “bed”. Even all the electrics in the stand were photographed and removed.

The next post will have some better pictures.